A puppy room for stress

At the University of Lancashire in England a room full of puppies is available for stressed out students. Puppy Stress Room was inspired by a Japanese study which showed that students did better on tests if they spent time with puppies or kittens first. This study got the grades to rise up to 44%. Interestingly, grown cats and dogs did not achieve such a positive effect.

The campaign has been carried out by the Student Union in the company of the Guide Dogs charity organization, this campaign consists in that students must pay at least one pound of donation which will go directly to charity, in order to access to be with the puppies for an hour where they will play with them, hug them, take care of them and even have a separate room to rest for the puppies when they need to sleep. “The number of students allowed in the room will be limited according to the number of puppies we have for a session “. Says the Union of Students of the University of Lancashire.

Puppy Room at Acadia University | Taken from: David Shaffner

Puppy room for stress

This campaign also benefits the animals, since the puppies are being trained for guide dogs and contact with humans will help them a lot to get used to being with people, benefiting their development and training to be competent guide dogs, without a doubt it is a good idea this puppy room for stress where everyone benefits.

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