They found an albino porcupine and thought it was a cat

Susan Lichty was looking across a road near her home in New Hampshire , USA , when she saw what appeared to be someone’s white pet through the foliage. She paused to take a closer look, but couldn’t help noticing that the creature was extraordinarily rare, it was an albino porcupine that came out of hiding to eat.

She thought it was a cat , but when she looked closely she realized that the shape of its body was not that of a feline. The mystery animal is actually an albino porcupine and Susan has managed to film it nibbling on some vegetables.

According to biologists, albinism affects only 1 in 10,000 porcupines, which means that the animal seen that day is very rare. Fortunately he has been able to hide from the threats, the hungry porcupine looks perfectly healthy and has won the hearts of the people who were lucky enough to see him.

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