These animals like to bathe

Humans are not the only ones who like to bathe, animals like to get in the water and splash too. In the following photos you will see that these animals really like the bath, although some do not like to get wet and less if it is in winter.

These animals like to bathe

Remember that dogs should be bathed once a month with the soap or shampoo recommended by the veterinarian, but keep in mind that some soaps are not recommended for puppies even though they are special for  dogs as these could be toxic to the puppy in case of get to ingest them accidentally.


Rabbits: Soaking your rabbit in water is DANGEROUS, since in addition to causing them a lot of stress, it can also easily cause hypothermia. Rabbits, like cats, are meticulously groomed so they don’t need help cleaning themselves. Instead of bathing him in the traditional way, learn to clean only the dirty areas of his fur, clean his scent glands (close to the anus), trim his nails, brush him to remove dirt and take care of fleas.

Hedgehogs:  It is advisable to bathe it every 2 months, always on warm days. The blankets of our hedgehog must be washed with the same shampoo that we bathe it so that it does not find the smell foreign. It is important to bear in mind that all hedgehogs are scared or put resistance to the bathroom but it is normal, so to avoid a little fear it is better to fill the bathtub before bringing it.
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