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This bitch knew what to do when her human had a seizure, it saved her life

Sweet Dee is a cute rescued pit bull who has been called a hero after what she did for her human Elliot Nerman. This dog knew exactly what to do when her human father was not feeling well, he was suffering from heart disease and he was having a seizure.

While the man was trying to text his doctor, he passed out and was left unconscious on the floor. Fortunately, Sweet Dee was close by and realized that Elliot urgently needed someone else’s help.

So the dog ran into the room to wake her human mother and thanks to Sweet Dee, the woman immediately called 911 for help.

This bitch knew what to do when her human had a seizure

After spending two days in an induced coma, Sweet Dee’s dad is resting comfortably at home and obviously very grateful that his beloved dog saved his life.

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