Boy with autism becomes sociable thanks to a Pit Bull

Joey Granados, a boy with autism, manages to be sociable thanks to a Pit Bull named Roxy. When Joey was diagnosed with autism at the age of 7, his mother knew that his life was going to be a struggle. He always had trouble connecting with other kids and making friends, until he met Roxy.

Joey’s autism made him want to be alone and often did not know how to handle social situations on his own. So he asked his mother, Amanda, if he could get a dog to help him with the social aspect of his life. Joey and Amanda met Roxy, a pit bull at Best Friends Animal Society , Roxy went straight to Joey. He has never connected with someone before like he has with Roxy, which is huge for a person with autism.

Boy with autism becomes sociable thanks to a Pit Bull

Both Roxy and Joey have to fight through stereotypes and stigmas in their everyday lives. Luckily, another organization, Pawsitive, worked with Best Friends, Joey, and their mom and made a video detailing Joey and Roxy’s story. “Pit bulls get a really bad rap ,” Amanda said in the video. “Children with autism get a very bad reputation too. You put these two things together and see how amazing it can be. “

Joey and Roxy’s friendship is beautiful, this story shows us that a Pit Bull and a special child can be very good friends, it also helps to raise awareness and clarify myths about these animals that have a bad reputation and are often discriminated against making it difficult to find them. home.

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