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The young woman with autism, whom her dog consoled in her crises, dies in a shooting

Authorities are investigating a law enforcement shooting in Mesa, Arizona that left 24-year-old Danielle Jacobs dead, she suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome. Danielle was a young woman with autism who appeared in a well-known video being comforted by her dog while she was overcoming one of her seizures.

Here you can see the video:  Dog does not let autistic young man hit himself

Through a fixed camera located in her house, we can observe how she hits herself and the effort made by her dog Samson to stop her from doing it. Her dog is a comfort to her and helps her stop this type of crisis.

The young woman with autism, whom her dog consoled, dies in a shooting

Mesa police say the shooting occurred Thursday morning near 80th Street and Brown Highway after Danielle threatened to harm herself. Police entered the home to try to find the young woman, but she surprised them and threw herself at two of the officers with a knife, a police spokesman said.

The uniformed men feared for his safety and shot him, police said. The police spokesman said they had no details on what type of knife Danielle Jacobs had. No police officers were injured in the incident.

Now the officers involved were placed on administrative leave, which is the protocol for shooting situations with police intervention.

Danielle’s mother says the shooting wasn’t necessary and that her daughter was fine when she spoke to her the day before.

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