Dog drives a tractor and stops traffic

Many of us have read surprising stories of dogs that do incredible things, some become heroes saving their protectors, but this time you must meet Don, this dog drives a tractor and stops traffic in Scotland last Wednesday, April 22.

Don in a 4-year-old dog who lives in a Scottish village with a farmer named Tom Hamilton, together they walk through the fields carrying out tasks of herding sheep, but what Tom never imagined was that leaving his dog in the vehicle this would take the wheel.

The dog was in the vehicle as Tom left him sitting there while he inspected some lambs, but he did not activate the handbrake and when he realized his dog Don had leaned on the controls and was going downhill in the tractor, he crossed a wooden fence heading to the M74 motorway. The poor man started running trying to avoid a disaster, but at 77 he only managed to end up rolling on the ground.

Upon reaching the highway, he was arrested thanks to the rapid action of several drivers avoiding a tragedy and no one was injured.

But drive a tractor and stop the traffic

The Scottish traffic management knew how to put the humorous tone to the event. On his Twitter account he posted: “Hold on the M74 caused by a dog driving a tractor … and no, we’re not kidding.” So Don immediately became a social media star.

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