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Dog helps bury his furry brother who was poisoned in Chile

This is the moment when a dog helps bury his brother in the city of Copiapó, in northern Chile. With a broken heart, the furry man says his last goodbye to his best friend, after being poisoned by a murderer who has already killed several dogs.

This week, Carlos Aguilar and his dog , Ron-Wailer, said goodbye to their canine companion Chocolate, a dog they had rescued together last year from the streets near their home in Chile.  It wasn’t long before Chocolate and Ron became inseparable.

Dog helps bury his furry brother

Carlos Aguilar claims that the dog was poisoned, saying that an unknown “pet killer” has already poisoned seven of his dogs and has accused the local police, but they stood idly by.

Carlos posted the heartbreaking video on Facebook, showing Ron using his snout to push the dirt onto the chocolate body that is lying lifeless in the hole where it would be buried. “When a dog is raised from a young age with another dog, strong bonds of brotherhood are created just like humans,” said Carlos.

Carlos says that the behavior of “Ron-Wailer” surprised, so he decided to record the video. “It is the first time that I have seen something like this, because in other scenes that I have seen with other dogs that I have had to bury, the dogs disappear when they know that they are burying the other”, said Carlos.

Carlos has been through the same situation repeatedly and is already tired of the authorities doing nothing about it. «Chocolate that you soon left us, once again the friends of the poison cut short your life, you arrived as a child, someone did not love you and threw you to the side of the road, we gave you love, accommodation and food, you grew like no other and you won your space, “wrote Carlos on Facebook , very angry and hurt.

What the fuck are the police doing that they don’t arrest these defenseless animal killers. The previous time there were six and so they continue to add up, I tried to file a complaint and had to bring a certificate of the dog’s death stating what poison was used ».

We invite our friends in Chile to be cautious, since there are several cases of poisoning that have occurred even though they are protected in their homes.

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Sherry Fluharty, is an Activist, animal activist, community manager, and blogger at Tom Cat Wiki in order to make people aware of the responsible ownership of pets. And in charge of writing content and responsible for the project.