These dogs are going to be euthanized and one has disappeared, they are accused of murdering three goats and a cat

Byron and Susan Vamvakias are animal lovers, but the last few weeks have been very difficult days for them and their family. Their dogs are going to be euthanized and they are doing everything possible to save them, one of them has disappeared from the shelter.

In early July, as they watched their 3-year-old dog, a German Shepherd named Major, who was playing alongside his son-in-law’s dogs, Mario and Luigi, two Pit Bull mix dogs, the door came loose, and the dogs got away.

“Everybody was searching, and we were searching all day,” Susan said.

But it wasn’t until the following night that the dogs were finally found. They were found in a nearby pen owned by a local farmer.

Byron said:

“I said, ‘Well, I guess you found our dogs?'”

“And they said ‘well, yes, but there is a problem'”.

They also found three dead goats and a dead cat that belongs to the farmer. Despite their claim that the dogs couldn’t have done it, the couple signed a summons and believed the incident was over.

Byron said:

“We didn’t really like the seriousness of the situation.”

He thought the subpoena would eventually be for damages. But it was a trial where they asked for the sacrifice of their dogs.

These dogs are going to be euthanized and one has disappeared

The judge then ruled that the dogs were a danger and should be euthanized. But Byron and Susan claim that this was a case where their dogs were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Byron said:

“In the eyes of the judge, you have three dogs in a pen and three dead goats, and that’s it.”

“That is the preponderance of the evidence as he explained to us.”

The decision devastated the couple and Allen, their son-in-law, who is the owner of Mario and Luigi. They are both support animals that helped Allen, a Purple Heart veteran who suffers from extreme post-traumatic stress disorder.

The family fights so that their dogs are not euthanized

According to FOX 17, the family has appealed the judge’s decision, claiming they have evidence against the ruling.

Byron said:

“There was no blood, there was no trace of blood on any of those dogs.”

“Those goats were completely swollen, covered in flies, and it was obvious that they had been dead for quite some time.”

“If it had been obvious that they did, they would have been covered in blood. He would have accepted fate. It’s just that I don’t want to let them die without cause.

The family is active on social media, trying to save their dogs through petitions , letter- writing campaigns to judges and county leaders, and receiving advice from around the world.

Susan said:

“Right now we are in the last stage.”

Attractive is all we have. And I don’t have much hope.

I just want them to live. And they don’t deserve to be destroyed. They are not brave, they are not dangerous.

One of the dogs has recently disappeared from the Ionia County Animal Shelter. Major, the couple’s dog, appears to have escaped and they say  they have nothing to do with the dog’s disappearance, but are comforted that Major is alive somewhere, rather than awaiting death in the shelter.

We hope that the situation of these poor animals is resolved in their favor and that they can all return to their loved ones.

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