A friendship without barriers between a dog and a fox

In these beautiful photos we show the friendship of these two animals, Tinni is a dog and Sniffer is a wild fox, together they are the best of friends.  Tinni lives in Norway with her human mother, the photographer Torgeir Berge, who took these incredible photos of this beautiful friendship without barriers. It is clear that Sniffer and Tinni do not know that they are not of the same species, they love the game, and they have been friends all their lives. 


Tinni and Sniffer – Friendship without barriers

Seeing Tinni’s friendship with Sniffer, Berge has become a strong critic of the fur industry and fur farms, where foxes like Sniffer are kept in small cages before being killed for their fur. “Foxes are like dogs in behavior and personality,” Berge wrote in a Facebook post. “Tears come to my eyes and I feel pain, when I think of the millions of animals like Sniffer locked in cages all their lives.”

Friendship without barriers

Luckily for Sniffer and Tinni, the two have plenty of room to explore together, running through the woods near Berge’s house in all seasons. They don’t even seem to care that they have a human behind wherever they go, these two friends only have eyes for each other.

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