Hero dog saves his human family from fire

Guardian, the hero dog saves his family from dying in a fire in the city of Cartagena- Colombia. This brave dog felt the flames and immediately alerted the neighbors with his barking and helped people out of the house by showing them the way out. The incident occurred when Mrs. Gladis Silgado Contreras had a discussion hours earlier with her neighbor, Mr. Cristóbal Montero Medina, 26. This man set fire to the house in revenge regardless of whether there were human and animal lives in it.

Hero dog saves his human family from fire

While Gladis and her pregnant daughter rested inside the humble home, the desperate barks of ‘Guardian’ alerted about the speed with which the flames were spreading. They managed to get out led by Guardian but unfortunately his furry little brother could not get out. “Chiqui”, the other dog in the house, was consumed by the fire that also reduced the house to ashes.

After an operation carried out by the Metropolitan Police of Cartagena, the cause of the atrocious fire could be located and captured, accused of attempted homicide and damage to someone else’s property. Now the humble family does not know where they are going to live due to their economic situation.

The intolerance of people towards others leads them to commit these types of actions, cruelty is not seen in animals and precisely because of these actions a furry member of the family paid with his own life. Now Guardian is homeless with his family and without his little brother.

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