How to rescue and rehabilitate a stray dog?

Generally, in all countries, stray dogs  are the daily bread, this due to irresponsible people who unfortunately are the majority. It should also be noted that the number of people and groups organizing to help combat this problem is increasing. Today we address the latter, the people with a big heart who make a difference, those who keep their hopes alive in this selfish world that treats our furry brothers with disdain and contempt, that is why in this publication we want to leave a basic guide to rescuing and rehabilitating stray dogs.

Have you ever wondered what to do when you come across a stray dog?

Well, many people just keep going and few are those who stop to help that poor animal by giving it a second chance. Day by day we find terrible cases of dogs that are so afraid of people that they do not let them approach them, we want to help them but they do not allow themselves, these are the consequences of abuse, if one day you come across one of these cases try to take carry out the following recommendations:

  • Get a collar on a leash, an old blanket or t-shirt, and dog food or bread (which is almost irresistible to them).
  • Leave food at a safe distance and walk away.
  • Sit to the side but not so close, not facing the front or with any reckless attitude.
  • With patience you keep putting food closer and closer to you until you literally have it eating from your hand.
  • Gaining their trust with patience is essential since generally a stray dog ​​is not used to affection or caresses, on the contrary, it is always waiting for abuse, so you must wait for it to allow gentle physical contact.
  • You put the collar on without pulling and continue stroking and feeding.
  • You will have more confidence and you can put the strap on the collar well.
  • As soon as you can load it up and take it home, if its skin is badly treated with some type of infection or disease, cover it with the old blanket or shirt so as not to hurt it.
  • At home, remember to feed him initially with homemade food since the diet of stray dogs is usually leftovers and a sudden change towards the concentrate (I think) can cause indigestion.
  • Offer him a warm bed, some old t-shirts will suffice for now.
  • The next day take him to the vet to be dewormed and start the vaccination schedule or some type of treatment if the animal is sick. Not having money for veterinary care is no excuse to skip this step since you can always ask for the collaboration of the animal protection organizations in your city, you can make publications with photos on social networks so that people who love animals can help you or also coordinate with friends and people in the community to hold an event (raffle, piggy banks, etc.) to pay for the treatment.
  • Bathe him and take him to the groomer if he has long hair, only when authorized by the vet.
  • Accustom it to the concentrated food (feed) gradually as indicated on the packaging, normally 80% of the old food and 20% of the new should be provided during the first day, 60% of the old and 40% of the new food on the second day and so on. until the total feed change is made.
  • If he is in treatment, he expects him to recover fully and then give him up for adoption with a commitment to sterilization .
  • If you are only providing a foster home, the most appropriate thing to do is to contact an animal protection organization to advise you in the process of finding a responsible home, you can also take photos and post them on social networks as available for adoption.
  • The ideal is to deliver the animal to its new family already sterilized, but if it is not possible in their new home, they should commit through a document to have the animal sterilized, this in order to avoid further abandonments in the future.
  • Finally, take photos of him with his adoptive parents to remember. You can also adopt it since these animals steal our hearts and many times it is practically impossible to let them go with another family because they easily win the affection of everyone.
To conclude, we must say that after so many years of rescues, joys and sorrows, we have learned that the keys to achieving animal welfare in terms of street fauna is  sterilization in order  to combat overpopulation, in addition to educating the children who are the future protectors or abusers according to the teachings they receive today.

It is time to act, we must stop saying so many useless phrases such as “poor thing, I hope someone will help you”, “I would like to help you but I have no space or money” or “God bless you for your beautiful work I would also like to help but it is me impossible ”, it is always possible to act more and speak less, you can help in many ways from sharing other people’s publications of lost dogs, available for adoption or in need of treatment, to providing your home as a home for a rescued, ADOPTING and NOT buying, NOT mistreating and raising awareness among those close to you about animal protection since animals are the responsibility of EVERYONEand NOT just from foundations and one of the most important ways to help, STERILIZING. Also go to the events organized by the different animal protection organizations or donating your time to work one day in a shelter.

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Sherry Fluharty, is an Activist, animal activist, community manager, and blogger at Tom Cat Wiki in order to make people aware of the responsible ownership of pets. And in charge of writing content and responsible for the project.