A woman tried to kill her dog using antidepressants because, according to her, the dog “bothered her”

In Valencia, Spain, a 55-year-old woman has been denounced by the Burjassot Local Police for an alleged crime of animal abuse. The woman tried to kill her dog using antidepressants.

Shippo, as the dog is called, survived a poisoning from antidepressant pills. His own human had administered them to him in order to kill him because he “bothered” him.

The woman went to a veterinary clinic and confessed that she had tried to kill her pet by administering psychotropic drugs, because it bothered her. She assured that she was sorry.

From the clinic they contacted the inspector responsible for the Animal Protection Unit of the Burjassot Local Police (UPAN) to report what happened, and immediately sent Shippo to a veterinary hospital.

Local Police officers appeared at the woman’s home to inform her that she was charged with a crime of animal abuse and that she must testify in court for the acts that she had allegedly committed.

A woman tried to kill her dog with antidepressants

Veterinarians were able to save the dog’s life and now the Burjassot Animal Protection Society , in Valencia, is looking for a new family for Shippo.

The protecting society wrote on Facebook :

“In the short time he has been with us, this grandfather has proven to be a great dog. He is very affectionate, restless and loves to walk. He is small in size and, once he has recovered, he looks for a home where he can be happy all his life without endangering it ”.

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