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Lowchen or Little lion dog, care, characteristics and curiosities

The lowchen is also known as the “little lion dog”, it is a very active and intelligent dog considered an adorable pet for many families. It is a docile and obedient dog, an excellent house dog. In this article you will find more characteristics about this breed.

The Lowchen also known as Little lion dog is a dog of ancient origins and although it is not known exactly where this breed comes from, the International Cynological Federation suggests that they are of French origin.

The Lowchen is a dog considered an excellent pet due to its active, playful and intelligent character. To this day, it is a rare breed of dog .

The  Lowchen is little known, but its charm has captivated many families around the world. Today it is known as the Little Lion Dog due to its physical appearance.

It is a very calm dog since it does not usually bark excessively and it is also considered a great companion dog. If you want to know more about this breed then in Tom Cat Wiki we explain its main characteristics.

The Lowchen makes an excellent house dog due to its docile and obedient nature.

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Characteristics of the Lowchen or Little lion dog

  • Height: Male: 30-35 cm, Female: 28-33cm.
  • Weight: Male: 5.4-8.1 kg, Female: 4.5-6.8 kg.
  • Coat: long, flowing and wavy with a mixture of thicker hairs among the fine ones.
  •  Coat Color: Little Lion Dog can be black, chocolate, black and tan, cream, and black with silver.
  • Head: short, broad head with a more or less flat skull.
  • Tail: Originates below the line of the back and curves over it but does not touch it.
  • Muzzle: short and wide.
  • Ears: set low, moderately long and hanging.
  • Eyes: large, dark and round.
  • Nose: the nose is brown in brown dogs and black in the other dogs.
  • Body: small and robust with a square profile.

Life expectancy

The Little Lion Dog can live between 12 and 14 years.

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Lowchen Health

Lowchen or Little Lion Dog breed dogs usually live between 12 and 14 years

The Lowchen is a healthy dog ​​which until now has no known diseases with a high incidence. However, it is not exempt from suffering from some diseases such as patellar luxation, which is relatively common, and infections caused by fleas and ticks.

Caring for the Lowchen or Little Lion Dog

  • Brush their fur every two days avoiding tangling.
  • Go to the dog groomer every one or two months.
  • Exercise your dog for at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Going to the vet regularly will help monitor your dog’s health.
  • Keep inspecting the condition of your ears, eyes and teeth.
  • Give it an excellent diet, along with good hydration with fresh water.
  • Bathe him only when necessary.
  • Keep the canine vaccination schedule up to date.

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Lowchen behavior

The Little Lion Dog is usually a breed of companion dog, particularly it is a happy, active, playful and affectionate dog, although sometimes it is usually protective of its loved ones, so it is important to teach it to socialize from a puppy.

This dog with its playful disposition and calm spirit will get along very well with all members of your family, including children. The Lownchen is a docile and obedient dog, it could be said that it is an excellent house dog.

It is very important to train and educate the Little Lion Dog well, thus avoiding problems in their behavior such as excessive barking and holes in the garden.

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Curiosities of the Lowchen or Little lion dog

  • Dogs of this breed are considered by some registries as a “toy dog” and by the American Kennel Club as a non-sporting dog.
  • This breed is found in many paintings, tapestries, prints, drawings, and in literature.
  • The Lowchen has a history as a companion dog for the rich and the elite.
  • The breed was imported to Great Britain in 1968 and was awarded Jennel Club (UK) recognition in 1971.
  • The Lowchen appeared in America in 1971, through England.
  • Also in 1971, the Lowchen Club of America (LCA) was formed and the breed’s name was officially changed to “Lowchen.”
  • Formerly this breed was known as the “little lion dog” but in 1971 the “Lowchen Club of America” ​​was formed where officially the name “Lowchen” was given to the Little Lion Dog.
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