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Mall gives temporary home to rescued dogs, then puts them up for adoption

This shopping center not only allows people to enter with their pet, but they also help by giving temporary homes to rescued dogs and then finding them a forever home.

Many commercial establishments do not allow pets, but this shopping center is different, it not only allows people to enter with their companion animal, but also helps by giving rescued dogs a temporary home and then looking for a forever home.

In Santiago de Chile, the Casacostanera shopping center opened a year ago is in its care of a rescued dog they call ‘Negrito’.

Negrito is a dog that just over three months ago appeared in front of one of the stores and ended up becoming the mascot of this shopping center.

“It is the third puppy to arrive at Casacostanera. The two previous doggies, who also appeared like him, were adopted by clients. Negrito is quite shy, we assume that he received abuse, however he already trusts us and the people who work in the mall since little by little we have gained his trust ”.

This shopping center gives temporary home to rescued dogs 

The Casacostanera workers care about the well-being of Negrito, they have their vaccinations up to date, they take care of his baths and meals.

At the same time they are looking for someone who wants to adopt him and can find a loving family that will never abandon him.

“He doesn’t bother the customers and he gets around pretty well around. The idea, as a mall, is to protect it and take care of it until finally someone wants to adopt it with an established home and a constant family ”.

We hope that many other commercial establishments will take Casacostanera’s example and be kind to animals, they are not to blame for being abandoned by heartless humans.

Negrito hopes to find a forever home, but while that happens he will continue to be cared for and pampered by the staff of this shopping center.

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