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Man and donkey cry with joy as they reunite after quarantine

Ismael Fernández, who lives with his family in Spain, has had to stay in recent months complying with the quarantine rules due to COVID-19, without being able to see the rest of his family. But Ismael has not only missed his family, he has also missed his pet, a little donkey named Baldomera.

Now that the blockade has begun to lift, the man managed to go near his brother’s house and met again with Baldomera; the pair had an emotional reunion.

Ismael usually goes to see his brother and Baldomera (Baldo, as he calls him) once a week, and walks the mountains of the place, but due to the quarantine this routine was suspended.

Man and donkey reunite after quarantine

Now that some restrictions were lifted and he was able to get out of confinement, he headed to his brother’s house.

Ismael told The Dodo :

“Many people wanted to go to bars, but I wanted to visit my little donkey. I missed her a lot, the first thing I did was go see her ».

When Ismael arrived at his family’s farm, he immediately called Baldo, and she met him with great emotion.

The man added:

“I started to cry. I was so happy to see her, and when she saw me, she started crying. He had never heard that sound from her before. He cried with me. We cry together.

Here you can see the video of this moving moment:

In the days following the meeting, Baldo did not want to separate from his friend.

Ismael comments:

“I think my brother is a little jealous. He has been here all the time, taking good care of her, but now she is much happier, she just wants to be with me ».

But Baldo and Ismael have now included their brother in their morning walks, this time apart only made the affection grow between the man and his friend. This meeting, after many days apart, managed to demonstrate the great love that the man and this donkey have for each other.

Ismael and his family are very fond of Baldo and it is clear that they consider him more than a pet.

Ismael said:

Animals like Baldo have hearts. Animals have feelings. Animals feel what you feel. They felt empathy with us, for us, she is family ».

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