The priest’s dog found dead in Tucumán, Argentina is still waiting for him at the door of the church

The priest’s dog found dead in Tucumán, Argentina, has been waiting for him at the door of the church for a week, the animal awaits the priest Juan Viroche who died on October 5. The dog has no idea that his human will never come back.

The animal waits for the priest while he rests on a makeshift bed that they armed with a poster of a demonstration of neighbors who demanded justice. According to reports, the priest apparently committed suicide,  but it is known that long ago he had denounced threats against drug gangs that he had denounced.

“He was the pampered priest,” said the residents of La Florida who knew Viroche and the beige dog that is still waiting at the door of the parish.

The priest’s dog found dead in Tucumán, still waiting for him

We don’t know the name. The priest just whistled and he came along with another dog that was left inside the church grounds, “they said.

Most of the time, the dog sleeps and when he wakes up he has a deep look of sadness.

He has been guarding that door for almost a week, and although sometimes the noises of people asking for justice upset him and he goes out to take refuge, he returns and goes to the door again.

“Sometimes he gets up, walks around the area, prowls the church. He is still waiting for the priest ”, affirm the neighbors.

We hope that someone will take pity on this dog and give him a home and a family, so that he can mitigate a little the pain of never seeing his beloved priest again.

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