They rescue dozens of animals from the home of an alleged rescuer and now she faces charges of animal cruelty

In a single day  Animal Rescue Corps  ARS  responded to different reports about animals in need of rescue. They arrived at the home of an alleged rescuer, to find more than 40 animals in terrible condition.

On a small colony property on a mountain in Hardin County, Kentucky, United States, members of the Animal Rescue Corps  worked with police and animal protection services to rescue animals they found in chronic distress. .

There were dogs, cats and horses confined in that place. Some had even been improvisedly buried.

“The owner of the property was actually posing as a rescue group and a Chihuahuas breeder,” said ARC’s Scotlund Haisley.

The woman has two different websites that are not connected. In one he sells dogs and in the other he is supposedly rescuing dogs.

“The only category I’m putting this is that she’s an animal abuser,” Scotlund said.

Rescue dozens of animals from the home of an alleged rescuer

In total, 26 dogs, five cats, 10 chickens and two horses were the animals that were taken from the property. Now the woman faces charges of animal cruelty.

Animal Rescue Corps is a rescue group that in conjunction with the police has helped save the lives of a large number of animals, recently they also rescued about 200 animals from a ” puppy factory ” that had never seen sunlight .

The animals were saved thanks to the ARS team sending two of their undercover members posing as husbands to “buy” a puppy on a property in Senatobia, Mississippi (United States).

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