Rescue of a dog that fell into a frozen lake

Kimberly is  a labrador retriever from the city of Ohio  in the United States who got lost as he ran from home and wandered for 5 days until he reached Lake Erie, located in the Great Lakes region, between the United States and Canada. The lake is frozen over and the dog was at risk of dying from the cold temperatures.

Fortunately, a group of rescuers noticed the presence of the dog in the area so they devised a plan to rescue it. Eventually, Kimberly’s location could be reached with an airboat, with the help of the Fire Department and the Coast Guard.

The poor animal  was found shivering with cold and very tired, but in good health. After the rescue, Kimberly was released to her family and returned home.

Do not miss this emotional video, you can see the joy of the dog to see its rescuers.

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