The cat with the biggest eyes in the world

Meet Matilda, the cat with the biggest eyes in the world, she is a very sweet 2-year-old cat. He has a mysterious eye condition, which has caused the eyes to grow much larger than normal, so far it has not slowed or slowed growth.

Matilda’s human parents said they adopted the cat from a rescue group in 2013, and that at that time her eyes were normal and healthy in size. But one day, one eye turned black, as if without light, so his concerned family sought out experts to find out what was going on.

Matilda, big-eyed cat

The cat with the biggest eyes in the world

“After we took the cat to a specialist we learned that it is a spontaneous dislocation of the lens, which means that the lens is separated from the rest of the eye for unknown reasons ,  said the family. “This is the mysterious part of the problem since she is a healthy cat.”

Eventually the same thing happened to the other eye. So at the same time Matilda’s eyes started to grow. Her family says that Matilda’s eyes have gotten little by little bigger since the specialist’s diagnosis of the lens detachment, but the reason is not known. The family says they are in regular contact with the cat’s veterinary ophthalmologist and that they too are perplexed as to the cause of the condition.

Hoping to find a clue to unravel the mystery, the family has made several calls for answers on the most popular social networks.  Fortunately, the family says that Matilda is not in pain of any kind as a result of her baffling condition, and that she is a normal cat, regardless of her odd “alien” appearance. ” She is always up to date on her medical check-ups and we are monitoring her all the time to notice any changes in behavior that might suggest that she is uncomfortable,” they wrote on Matilda’s website.

For now, Matilda’s family can only watch her and wait, waiting for an answer to come up about her condition and what can be done to ensure she remains healthy. Still, they are coming to terms with the fact that if her eyes don’t stabilize before the expected date, Matilda will likely have to undergo surgery to eliminate the problem. 

Although her condition is very strange, her adoptive parents are proud of their cat and people love to see the pictures of Matilda because of how beautiful and lively she looks. We hope that this beautiful cat with the largest eyes in the world does not deteriorate her health, we wish her to live many years surrounded by her family who loves her so much.

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