The Guatemalan hero who died saving his dog

A 27-year-old Guatemalan boy named Víctor Hugo Ávila Solorzano died on Monday in his attempt to save his dog named Tisha, who had unfortunately disappeared.

That morning Victor received a call from his mother, who was upset, since Tisha had disappeared. He requested permission from his work in the Business Intelligence area of ​​the Industrial Bank, to leave early and go find his pet.

Ávila managed to find his dog sadly beaten in a ravine in Valle Dorado, San Cristóbal. He sent a “selfie” that he took with the dog and then did not answer the cell phone again.

Victor was accompanied by a nephew who stayed on the surface of the ravine and was the one who called the fire brigade because his uncle no longer answered the phone.

At approximately 9 pm, they found Víctor Ávila’s body dead, according to a friend he fell while trying to get out of the ravine as the climb was very steep. However Tisha was not there.

Wednesday night, the search for Tisha continued. One of the rescuers who had lost part of his equipment searched in different parts of the ravine until he finally found Tisha and was taken to the vet because of the blows she had and now she is back at home.

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