They buried their dog believing he was dead

In Spain, in the Caceres town of Montánchez a surprising event occurred, some people buried their dog believing that he was dead. Wilson’s adoptive parents buried him in the vicinity of their farm, after putting him in a sack, which was later covered with stones so that he would not be eaten by foxes or other animals. The dog did not move and his owners left him for dead. According to the family, the animal had always been in poor health and they greatly regretted the fact of its death.

Within two days, as his human father made his way to the farm, he found Wilson wandering close to the road. “He was very thin and completely disoriented,” he explained. He got out of the car immediately and when he went to catch the dog, the animal, which was surely frightened, started to run and fell into a bush. Finally, he was able to enter the thorny bush and managed to rescue Wilson safe and sound.

They buried their dog believing he was dead

After what happened they took him to the vet, and he explained to them that he most likely had suffered apnea, which caused Wilson’s body to paralyze and therefore it seemed that he was dead. “The vet told us that it was the first time he had come across a case of this type. Luckily we didn’t cover his body with dirt because he couldn’t have gotten out of there, “said Maria, Wilson’s human mother. The dog was under observation for many hours but his situation began to evolve favorably and they were able to take him home. But there have been consequences. «He was already beginning to have worms on his tail. They also had to put three stitches on his head as a result of the fall, “ said the human father.

Now I can say that miracles exist. It has been very happy news for me and for my whole family because we have a lot of affection for the animal. We are even considering the possibility of changing the name to Lázaro » , said María.

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