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They save a cat about to die in a recycling center

They save a small cat about to die in a recycling center, the animal was discovered just as it was marching down a conveyor belt in a recycling facility in California, in the United States. When the kitten went straight to a potentially fatal industrial compactor he was saved.

They save a cat about to die in a recycling center

Tony Miranda was sorting the recycling when the newborn feline came into view, although he wasn’t sure what it was that was wriggling in the middle of the trash, he decided to remove it from the conveyor belt anyway.  “We put a lot of material here and we come across so many things ,” Tony said. “It’s amazing to see a little kitten survive through all of this. This certainly made my day. He said.

The cat was already a survivor before reaching Tony. The animal allegedly made a long journey by riding a garbage truck before a tractor pushed it onto the first of the two conveyor belts. After falling several meters from one belt to another, Tony managed to see it.

“I just grabbed and immediately reported to the line supervisor ,” Tony said. They immediately alerted the other employees at the facility, letting them know what Tony found.

“On the radio they told me that they found a live cat, and I was curious, I mean it’s just incredible, but I wanted to see it,” said Heather Garcia, one of the employees of the place.

Heather made her way to the conveyor belt and after playing with the kitten, she found a motherly yearning coming out of her. “It’s so cute, I mean why wouldn’t you take it home ,” Heather said.

She says the kitten is like hers and named him Murphy, then took it home.

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