This angelic halo protects blind dogs from colliding with things

Muffin, a 13.5-year-old toy poodle who sadly went blind two years ago, who together with his resourceful owner named Silvie Bordeaux have found an incredible way to help blind dogs roam the world with ease and confidence . Muffin’s Halo is a halo-ring suspended over the head of a blind dog that alerts him when he is about to hit an obstacle.
Since the prototype was developed for Muffin himself it has been adapted for dogs of different sizes and in different colors as well. Silvie hopes to see the product in shelters across the country, where it would give blind dogs a better chance of being adopted.
Muffin  inspired its owner Silvie Bordeaux to create the “Muffin Halo”, an ingenious device that allows blind dogs to walk confidently.
The wire ring around this dog’s head makes him feel like he is stumbling before he hits his head.
The lightweight copper wire is attached with a comfortable harness that also features some beautiful angel wings for decoration.
Inventor Silvie Bordeaux created the device when he saw Muffins crash into walls and fall down stairs.
Bordeaux hopes to see the device in dog shelters, where it would give blind dogs a better chance of being adopted.
In shelters, blind dogs are often the least adopted because people avoid adopting dogs with health problems and it is for this reason that these types of inventions are of vital importance to  rescue and rehabilitate a stray dog  and introduce it inside of a new home efficiently.
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