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Use of collar and bell in cats

Some people want their cat to wear a collar and bell but we must analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this for the good of our pet. So below we will analyze some accessories that cats normally wear, in addition to the pros and cons of the use of collar and bell in cats.

If you want to put a collar on your cat for an aesthetic purpose, think about it very well, do not let it run unnecessary dangers since these animals tend to climb trees or high places and it is possible that the collar becomes entangled with another object and your cat is trapped or hanging from this.

If you think the collar is necessary for another purpose such as flea control, get better advice from your veterinarian to use some type of pipette that can be used for the entire area of ​​its body because these types of collars often cause allergies in cats. and leave the neck hairless.

Perhaps the most appropriate use of the collar is to identify your pet in case it does not have a microchip and for a faster location in case of loss since some places do not have the necessary technology to read these devices and it would take years to find to your cat with only the microchip (of course it depends on your country), perhaps the use of this collar shows that the cat is domestic and if at any moment it is lost you can find its whereabouts as soon as possible due to the data personal data that the necklace will include. If you decide to put an identification tag on your cat, teach it from a young age so that it is not a problem to get used to it when it is an adult.

Use of rattlesnake in cats

The bells can represent torture for them, although there is no scientific explanation that shows that this has to do with hearing problems, it is not a secret that animals have more acute hearing than that of humans and even more so do cats. Think about it because perhaps your cat with that sound all the time can deteriorate his hearing and present hearing problems in the future. Imagine if they put a bell in your ear all the time, wouldn’t it bother you? How would you feel?

In addition, some get very nervous with the noise of the bell since they love silence, they like calm and this can stress them. Put yourself in your cat’s place and you will realize that he does not like this type of noise.

Remember that they are stealthy and daring by nature that helps them to hunt which means that the noise of the bell drives away birds or other prey and cats are sometimes frustrated because the hunt is interrupted by the alarm they wear on their neck , although it should also be mentioned that there are cases in which ingenious felines learn to hunt while still wearing the bell.

If you think that your cat should wear a collar, please make sure that it is very comfortable and suitable for him, also check that he is not going to get trapped, you should not leave it so tight but that he cannot put his paw in.

If you do not resist the rattle, the recommendation is that you do not leave it on all the time but for moments.

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