Volunteers rescue 108 abused dogs from a “breeding farm”

An extraordinary campaign called Operation Cavalier Rescue in the US has led to the rescue of 108 puppies (most of them Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) from an auction at a puppy mill in Missouri.
The dogs, many of whom need medical attention, will be distributed to foster homes, where they will receive the medical and psychological evaluations they need before being distributed to permanent homes.
A breeder was trying to sell all these poor dogs to “puppy mills.”

108 abused dogs rescued from a “breeding farm”

Many were blind or deaf due to serious infections, others were covered in fleas and their own waste.
Operation Cavalier Rescue began raising money to purchase them outside of the ranchers auction held on November 22.
The campaign raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from taxpayers around the world.
“Auctions are not a place for people who view dogs as pets,” say the organizers of the campaign.
Auctioneers recite the qualities of a dog to attract bidders, yelling things like “she’s pregnant, that’s money in the bank.”
The volunteers’ goal was not to leave any Cavaliers behind, and in that regard they were successful as all the dogs were bought.
A couple of dogs were bought at the last minute, after they were already being loaded into the breeder’s truck.
96 Cavaliers, 7 Shiba Inu, 2 Cocker Spaniel, 1 Shih Tzu, 1 French Bulldog and 1 Yorkshire Terrier were rescued for a total of 108 dogs.
After medical and psychological evaluations, they will be distributed to animal shelters across the country.
Hopefully everyone ends up in responsible and definitive homes.
Although many people are amazed at saving dogs from these places of abuse, abandonment and exploitation in order to find them homes where they can enjoy the life they deserve, we must also highlight that many others are against this type of operation, stating that With these actions, the system is not rescued, but rather the system is maintained since, according to them, the only thing it does is put money in the pocket of the breeders and thus perpetuate the mistreatment because in one way or another the exploiters get what they want. it is obviously the money. So give your opinion.
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