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Whippet, cuidados, comportamiento y curiosidades

The Whippet is a breed of dog that is characterized mainly by its slender and elegant bearing. It is a dog with a sweet, gentle and calm character. They are also very sensitive so they do not usually take in a good way when they are punished. In this article you will find more characteristics about this breed.

The Whippet is a breed of dog of British origin, very popular for its slender and elegant demeanor. Thanks to their popularity they have used their name on a large number of things, from cars to cookies.

Despite being a highly regarded breed today, the Whippet was formerly treated as the poor man’s English Greyhound . The breeders of this breed aimed to create a dog that was like the English Greyhound but small and fast, with greater resistance than the Italian Greyhound.

With this in mind, various races participated in its creation. The English Greyhound was used in addition to the Italian Greyhound, and also the Airedale, Bedlington, Manchester, Yorkshire and English Terrier.

This cross resulted in the Whippet , a dog with the stamina of a working terrier combined with the speed and symmetry of aristocratic sighthounds. Next in Tom Cat Wiki we explain the main characteristics of these small Greyhounds.

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Whippet Features

  • Height: Male: 47-51 cm, Female: 44-47 cm height at the withers.
  • Weight:  these dogs usually weigh between 9 and 20 kg.
  • Coat: fine, short and tight. 
  • Coat color : it can be black, brindle, white and fawn.
  • Head:  long and thin, flattened at the top.
  • Tail:  its tail is long and ends with a pointed tip. He never wears it over the back, he lifts it up when he’s active. 
  • Muzzle: long and thin.
  • Ears: their ears are small and rose-shaped, with a fine texture.
  • Eyes: oval, bright with a  lively expression 
  • Nose: black.
  • Body:  Long and thin.

Life expectancy

These dogs have a longevity of 10-14 years.

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Whippet Health

The Whippet can be subject to some ailments relative to this breed. They can suffer from cataracts , heart problems, progressive retinal atrophy, thyroid problems, and hypersensitivity to medications. In addition, these dogs have very thin and delicate skin that can be easily injured.

Whippet care

  • When the weather is cold, it is advisable to bundle them with dog clothes due to their thin fur and short fur.
  • Brush its coat regularly as the Whippet loses little hair.
  • Bathe him occasionally as long as he requires it.
  • Exercise your Whippet from one to three hours a day, do not forget that they are greyhounds, and they need to run to release their energies.
  • Control their eating with a healthy diet because these dogs tend to be overweight .
  • Go to the vet at least every 6 months to prevent any health problems or treat them promptly.
  • Keep your vaccination schedule up to date .

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Whippet behavior

The Whippet is a dog with a sweet, calm and gentle character. These dogs do not take punishments in a good way, neither physical nor psychological, since they are usually very sensitive dogs.

Dogs of this breed tend to get along well with children, as long as they don’t feel abused. They are not dogs that like to play rough, therefore, you must always supervise the moments when they play with small children. They are excellent pets for older children who are clear on how to treat and care for their dog.

The Whippet can be a reserved dog, it is advisable to socialize it as a puppy to avoid shyness problems when the dog is an adult. However, some shyness can be helpful if a guard dog is desired.

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Whippet curiosities

  • During its beginnings, the Whippet had several names, and one of them was the ” Dog that tries to bite ” ( Snap Dog ), this arose when it tried to bite with unknown dogs.
  • Another name they received was ” Hitalians “, which indicated their origin from the Little Italian Greyhound.
  • It is said that its current name (Whippet) originated from the word “whip” (whip in English), due to the savvy nature of the breed and its speed.
  • The Whippet were classified as race in a canine contest held at Darlington in 1876.
  • In 1890 this breed was recognized by the Kennel Club of England.
  • The Duchess of Newcastle was a great defender of this breed.
  • In 1899 a Whippet Club of Great Britain was founded.
  • The Whippet  has often been described as “a canine work of art,” and they are a breed to be truly proud of.
  • Usually more than 200 Whippets are registered in the shows, sometimes exceeding it, as in the 1999 Crufts beauty dog ​​show, in which 335 participated.
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