What you should know about Pregnancy in Bitches

The pregnancy in dogs is a very important step that we know take with our mascot, in previous articles talk about the jealousy in dogs thus but you cared good for your dog at this stage it is safer than it has been pregnant, then We will talk about the care we must take to attend to the health of the mother and the well-being of the puppies that are to come.

The pregnancy in bitches lasts approximately 65 days, we must take care of the feeding of the future mother because it is very important for the development of the puppies , it is necessary to increase the amount of food but in small portions or allow her access to food so that she can eat at a time little and often, this from the middle of the pregnancy since the belly has grown. It is very important that a gradual change of food is made in the last month of pregnancy for one high in nutrients, it can be food for puppies or, failing that, one for pregnant mothers.

Data to take into account during Pregnancy in bitches

During pregnancy give your dog a lot of love, do not scold her, she trusts you and will surely look for you to assist her in the delivery, remember that she sees you as her protector. The first half of pregnancy in bitches lasts approximately 6 weeks, at this stage the bones, muscles and organs of the puppies are formed, although for now there is no increase in the belly.

The second half of the gestation period is the one corresponding to the sixth to the ninth week, it is this stage and an increase in the belly is perceived and many times it is when we notice that our bitch is pregnant, the puppies finish developing hastily and finally the The expectant mothers’ breasts begin to grow and secrete milk. Moderate exercise is important in this last period so take her out for a walk every day, take frequent walks without taking her to the extreme.

REMEMBER:  Never self-medicate your dog while pregnant, to resolve any questions you should go to the vet and he will prescribe what she needs and does not cause any negative effect on the puppies.

The moment of childbirth in bitches

Do not forget to have your dog in a calm and appropriate environment, free of stress and provocations, it is best to make a kind of nest for her or leave her in a room with only old blankets so that she can do it herself when it is time for her to work. labor, which can last more than 24 hours; You will know that the moment has come because her behavior changes and she begins to look for the nest, she will want you to be with her and she may feel nervous if you move away, they become very restless and then the vulva begins to thicken and expel a greenish discharge. Contractions are very weak in the first hours.

When the moment for the expulsion of the pups arrives, strong contractions begin and the bitch will begin to lick her vulva a lot to facilitate the expulsion of the fetuses, the puppies begin to emerge next to the placenta connected by the umbilical cord, the mother She licks them out of the bag and stimulates them to breathe, she cuts the cord herself and conditions them to breastfeed while labor continues.

You will know that the labor is over when you see the relaxed mother nursing her cubs. Nature is very wise but sometimes we have doubts that it has not thrown all the offspring, do not worry because if there is a problem for sure you will notice it and even more so because the dog will show you signs, in that case go immediately to the vet, he will check your dog to see that there are no problems.

Sometimes the placentas come out separately, they can continue to expel the greenish discharge for several weeks so do not panic, it is advisable not to let them eat the placentas so that they do not present digestive problems.

Always remember that pregnancy in dogs must always be supervised by a veterinarian for follow-up and that it can progress without problems, we must have the veterinarian’s telephone number at hand in case of any inconvenience or for him to advise you during delivery.

Do not forget that the ideal is that each pet is sterilized in order to avoid abandonments, complications in the health of the bitch, attacks on bitches in heat, lost pets and, above all, an increase in both canine and feline over-population.

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