A duck walks with a collar

This beautiful little duck walks with a collar, he runs as fast as if he were a dog . It’s not just cats and dogs that are people’s favorite pets. Now ducks are being raised by many people, but not as prey but as tender companions, they can live for 13 to 15 years.

This video shows that having a duck at home can be a very pleasant experience like having a furry friend. This little boy goes out to walk the streets, with his necklace and with other ropes that are held by his human father. The bird, although it is very small, runs and even seems to pull the person who is carrying it, just as most of our dogs do when they go out to the park.

Ducks are very affectionate, sociable and emotional pets as can be a cat or a dog. They can come to understand our orders, they play and go for a walk on the street with us as the video shows.

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Sherry Fluharty, is an Activist, animal activist, community manager, and blogger at Tom Cat Wiki in order to make people aware of the responsible ownership of pets. And in charge of writing content and responsible for the project.