These beautiful models were rescued from laboratories

Animals rescued from laboratories have become models for photo shoots inspired by the novel “Alice in Wonderland.” Mice, rabbits, rats and guinea pigs (also known as guinea pig, guinea pig, curi, etc) are the stars of these sessions, without a doubt they had an extremely hard past but fortunately now they are dedicated to eating and posing for photos.

The rescue of the animals was carried out by the Italian voluntary association for the care and rehabilitation of small animals called “La Collina dei Conigli ONLUS”. This idea was made to celebrate the first 10 years of operation of the association. But you may wonder why precisely the novel Alice in Wonderland? This is because both in the novel and in the association the beginning was with “a white rabbit.”

Some of these images were used for the 2015 calendar that the association makes in order to raise funds for the hundreds and hundreds of rescued animals. During the sessions, the guinea pigs were the laziest models (they just wanted to eat) while the mice stood out for being the most cooperative. Rats and rabbits also made an impact for their beauty.

Many of the animals shown below are still looking for permanent homes, so if you live in Italy and want to make a lifelong adoption you can contact them through the website shown at the end.

These beautiful models were rescued from laboratories

The mouse – caterpillar

This is Giuseppe Rossi and he was rescued along with dozens of other rodents from a lab that had finished testing them. If “La Collina dei Conigli” had not rescued them, they would all have been euthanized.

Eat me drink me

And this bunny named Nissa was rescued from a place where she was mistreated. Fortunately, when she gave birth to her little boy Matteo, she was already in a safe place.

The March Hare

On the other hand, Indiana Jane is so tiny that she fell out of a truck full of rabbits destined for the meat market. It is believed that his mother and the rest of his family were also in that truck.


This little mouse was destined to become snake food.

The white rabbit

Console Marcello is a New Zealand rabbit used in laboratory tests, you can see a number tattooed on his ear that confirms it. He is still looking for a permanent home where he will be given all the love he lacked during his years of suffering in the laboratories.


Who will paint the roses for the Queen?

Through the looking glass

This bunny is Nile and he was an abandoned pet to the point of having his hind legs paralyzed when he was found. Fortunately, with rehabilitation and proper care, you can run and jump again.

Cheshire rats

All of these rats were rescued after being used in laboratory tests.

Queen of hearts

It is with great enthusiasm that we inform you that Her Majesty Neda was adopted shortly after this photo shoot.

The Twins

Guinea pigs are great as models, during photo shoots you just have to feed, feed and feed them.

Crazy race

These nine little mouse sisters running in circles nonstop. Is there anything more adorable?

Playing card

Ready to play poker?

More and more curious

Do you dare to kiss this nose?

Gardener Corallo

The rats and their great style for painting.

Down the rabbit hole

Now yes, are you ready to chase the White Rabbit through its burrow?

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