The coyote who “borrows” toys from dogs

Photographer Pamela Underhill Karaz  was at her home in Trenton Falls, in rural New York. When he managed to witness the spectacular moment in which this beautiful wild coyote approaches his backyard and finds a toy that belongs to his dog , the coyote smells it and after a while he takes it with his mouth and throws it in the air repeatedly. sometimes playing with it as a dog would, then trotting off while carrying the toy.

These animals are common in this area. She and her family are used to hearing the howls of coyotes, especially on summer nights.

Pamela says that she saw the coyote take the toy while she had coffee in the morning and took the opportunity to take the photographs that reveal that this coyote steals the toys of his dogs, she believes that it is not the only time that he has done it before. toys that their dogs have left in the yard have disappeared.

“This is a precious reminder that all animals, wild and not so wild (our pets) are not so different. They have personalities, feelings, and they do their best to survive in an often cruel world. They are not that different from ourselves. ” Underhill Karaz says.

Now they know that not only domestic animals have fun with toys but also wild ones , this is an essential stage for the growth process in all animals since they learn through play what they need for adult life, such as hunting.

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