This dog saved his human’s life by detecting that he had breast cancer

Breast cancer has usually been related to the female sex and although it is true, although women are much more likely to suffer from it, men are not exempt from this evil. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is why we share this wonderful story of how a dog saved his human’s life by detecting a tumor in his chest.

Mike Wagner was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer when he was 50 years old, but fortunately and thanks to Buster, who is his faithful friend and guardian angel, Mike today is one of the survivors who have been stalked in the Been through this silent killer

Mike brought Buster close to his chest and he began to sniff around the area where the cancerous lump was, then the man decided to have a biopsy and it was there that he learned that he was suffering from breast cancer.

Breast cancer in men is more common than you think 

“According to the American Cancer Society, this year about 440 men will die from it in the US,” said Fox 25 television channel.

After what happened, Mike recommends that all men be aware of their health and that they do not rule out the possibility of suffering from this condition.

“You have to face it because if you don’t, it will travel to another place in your body, to the bones or the brain. You may hear, ‘She died of bone cancer, but actually she originally had breast cancer,’ said Mike Wagner.

Dog saved his human’s life by detecting he had breast cancer

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