German Shepherd chewed his own leg to save his life

A German Shepherd dog chewed on his own leg to save his life. Tiffany Norton, a volunteer for the charity that specializes in helping abandoned German shepherds in the town of Mission Viejo, Orange County, CA couldn’t believe her eyes when Rocky, a German shepherd only eleven months old, was he surrendered to his feet after chewing from his back to his right hind leg to save his life.

It was Sunday, November 9, when pet owner Rocky took him to a shelter claiming that he did not know why the dog chewed on his limb. After careful examination, it became apparent that the animal must have been tied up by a chain or rope that blocked circulation to the leg and had no choice but to try to free itself at all costs. ABC News reported that it is illegal to restrain dogs to fixed objects, the pet owner will be investigated by animal control officials.

German Shepherd chewed his own leg to save his life

Due to Rocky’s physical condition, the shelter decided to transfer him to Alicia Pet Care to get help from the vets. Maria Bromme, one of the professionals who took care of the poor animals, said that after he came in and the bandages were removed, the sight was really horrible and heartbreaking.

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