Canine socialization and behavior

As civilization advanced, the dog has been by the side of man, in almost all cultures they have used it for many activities such as hunting thanks to their senses of smell and hearing, as well as search for drugs, explosives and people. Little by little they became our companion animals or pets, which is why it is necessary for them to be educated to achieve good canine behavior that allows them to interact correctly with human beings and to communicate and interact with other dogs or animals.

We must start with a good canine training when the dog is still a puppy, so initially we can start with the use of the collar and teach him to go to the bathroom as we have already explained in another article. From a young age, he must learn to interact with other dogs  and other animals such as cats, birds, rodents, etc. The puppy will need to communicate and learn about group behaviors. Above all, it must interact with humans.

It is very important that the puppy gets used to environmental stimuli such as: Everyday noises at home, sirens from cars, airplanes, noisy sounds (New Year’s Eve fireworks), also get used to crowds or foot traffic.

Humans are responsible for educating dogs and guiding our four-legged friend to achieve good canine behavior. We must continually set the rules and enforce them, and for no reason should you get away with it . Teach him with lots of love and patience.

When the dog is well socialized, it learns to be calm and receptive when dealing with strangers, other pets, children and unforeseen situations. The future development of each dog depends mainly on the education and socialization to which they have been exposed, since poorly socialized dogs will have difficulties adapting to their environment and will tend to present fearful or aggressive behaviors and attitudes along with other behavioral disorders.

Canine socialization and behavior

Pets like routine , they want to know what to expect because that way they feel safer, so your dog will be the happiest if you feed him every day at the same time, sleep in the same place and count on you to get home. every day at the same time. It will be fine if the routine varies or changes from time to time but not leaving aside the most important ones and thus you will have a predictable and happy pet.

Dogs are animals that live in packs in their natural environment and need a leader to guide the group. For this, from the first day we take a dog home, it must be taught that we are its leader and therefore it must obey us . As we see in wildlife, animals are not seen yelling at another or grabbing a newspaper or any other instrument to do harm when they have done something wrong. Dogs do not understand if you treat them that way, you must be calm, firm, energetic and assertive but never exalted, hysterical or excited since treating our dog badly what we will do is turn it into a fearful animal,anxious and most certainly aggressive. It is important to set limits and rules of coexistence as we would with another human being for a better harmony and for this reason it cannot be given privileges over another member of the family, so let’s make our dog sociable and respectful (do not fear ) to other people so that you can understand that neighbors, friends and family are on a higher scale and can respect them.

Finally, it must be taken into account that exercise is very important in the life of our pet since a dog with excess energy will be difficult to control and will not respect us. We must provide him with the necessary exercise so that he is calm and consumes his anxious and aggressive part and then proceeds to educate him calmly and with assertiveness. It is also necessary to emphasize that it is vitally important that all members of the household commit to the education of our pet, that is, what he learns with you is not forgotten by the bad habits of another member of your family.

If your pet is very restless and you do not feel able to educate it, do not forget to consult professionals in canine behavior so that they can provide you with personalized advice according to your case and allow you to educate your dog correctly.

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