How to take your pet by car?

Many people like to take their animals in the car, whether they are going for a walk or going on vacation it is very important that you take the necessary precautions so that the trip is very safe for you and your pet.

Leaning out of the window can be very dangerous for your dog and for the other people accompanying the trip since if the dog is leaning it can cause a distraction in the driver causing accidents. Remember that the car goes at high speed on the road and a sudden braking alters the pet generating a violent reaction so it can hurt itself or hit a passenger causing injuries.

It is recommended that your dog does not stick his head out the window for the following reasons:

  • The animal can become ill with conjunctivitis or otitis since the small particles that are in the air travel with more speed when entering their ears and in their eyes they can cause annoying injuries. There are also branches or stones that, no matter how small, can cause injuries, hit your head and cause fatal accidents.
  • The animal can end up jumping out of the car window and possibly injuring itself very seriously. There have been cases in which this has happened with unfortunate outcomes for the animals.
  • In the event that the car has an accident and the dog is in that position, the possibility of serious injuries increases since the impact can be thrown out of the vehicle.
  • Pets that travel in cars must be carried in transport cages if they are small dogs and cats   and the larger ones must be restrained with special devices for pets, as they are tied to babies. If the animal is loose inside the vehicle, it can end up placing itself between the driver’s feet and in this way make it difficult to handle, causing an accident.
  • The animal should never be loose or caged in the back of a van or truck since in a violent braking or an accident it can be ejected from the vehicle. Nor should they be tied with ropes or straps because they can jump causing the strangulation or be dragged by the vehicle.
  • Make sure you always carry a drinking fountain and plenty of water for your pet on trips.
  • Animals should be fasting to avoid possible discomforts such as dizziness and vomiting. Don’t forget to consult with a vet.
  • If you have to stop on the way and you cannot take it with you, never leave your pet alone in the car , even if you leave the windows open, leave it in a shady place tied up waiting for you with a little water and if possible with someone to supervise it .

Remember that cats are not used to going by car, veterinarians recommend sedating them so it is best that you always consult a specialist before going on vacation to find out what is best for your pet.

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Sherry Fluharty, is an Activist, animal activist, community manager, and blogger at Tom Cat Wiki in order to make people aware of the responsible ownership of pets. And in charge of writing content and responsible for the project.