Our pets are also affected by cigarette smoke

The harmful effects of tobacco don’t just affect humans. As scientists explain, cigarette smoke is as dangerous for dogs and cats as it is for people. Animals are also passive smokers and in general, spend more time at home than the rest of the family, so our pets are also affected by cigarette smoke.

According to veterinarian Carolynn MacAllister, from the University of Oklahoma, cats that live with smokers are twice as likely to develop cancer and tumors such as lymphoma, which affects the blood, dogs also suffer from the dangers of tobacco smoke that others smoke. An increase in lung cancer has been linked in dogs, the dogs most vulnerable to the damage caused by cigarette smoke are those with longer snouts, because nasal exposure to tobacco substances is greater than in dogs flat because of the size of their snouts. Lung cancer in domestic birds has also been linked.

“Dogs that are passive smokers, because they are exposed to the cigarettes that their owners light, also have a greater risk of developing respiratory cancer”, concludes another study on tobacco in pets carried out by the University of Colorado (USA).

The harmful effects of cigarette smoke appear to be more dangerous in cats. They tend to be very vulnerable to the toxic substances in tobacco, and not just because of the large amount of time they spend at home.

Our pets are also affected by cigarette smoke

Felines have twice the risk of blood cancer. These passive smoking animals are also more vulnerable to suffering from cancer in the mouth, according to a study carried out by Tufts University (USA). Cleaning habits in felines, continuous grooming, increases these dangers, cats spend almost two-thirds of the day grooming. So these cleaning habits in addition to licking their hair and skin, but also along with them they bring the toxic substances of tobacco smoke that were stuck to their body.

If you love your loved ones, including your dogs or cats, contemplate the idea of ​​quitting. For your health and that of your loved ones, be smart and quit smoking.

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