Disadvantages of amputation for cosmetic purposes in pets

Formerly , guard and defense dogs such as Dobermans, Bulldogs or Boxers, had their ears cut off so that they would not have a vulnerable point if another animal wanted to attack them. This type of practice affects the social interaction of the dog, also exposes them to pain and infections. Unfortunately, the practice was extended for “aesthetic” reasons for pets.

Disadvantages of amputation

  • Nail and hair trimming are part of the dog’s maintenance and cleaning routine. But in tail and ear docking, cartilage, nerves, blood vessels and other tissues are cut in addition to the skin. Can you imagine how the poor animal feels?
  • The dog needs his tail and ears to be able to communicate. In addition to oral communication such as barking and growling, it sends messages to other dogs with physical signals and through scent. The position of the ears and the movement of the tail convey vital information for socializing with other animals.
  • The tail is the continuation of the spinal column in the dog and is made up of vertebrae accompanied by other tissues; therefore it is an important element for its balance. When running, turning, jumping and doing all kinds of movements the animal needs the tail to perform them more easily.
  • It’s just about “aesthetics.” Except for medical cases where the pet’s health is affected, such as a fractured tail or a tumor needs to be removed in that part of the body or for wounds that cannot allow the reconstruction of these areas, these amputations they are banned in many parts of the world. And we hope that this will be the case for the rest of the planet very soon.
  • It is extremely traumatic and painful for the animal. Although tail docking should in theory be performed within the first 5 days of birth, because the nerves and tissues are less susceptible, pain is definitely there. Some vets use local anesthesia but many breeders do not torture the poor animal causing unnecessary pain. Ear amputation is characterized by heavy bleeding and a very uncomfortable post-operative period for the pet.
  • Bad procedures and post-operative care can even cause the death of the animal. As they are open wounds, it is very likely that infections will occur which reach the bone compromising the spine and if in extreme cases this infection possibly causes septicemia and the dog dies.

Not satisfied with the above in addition to the mutilation of the ears and tail, unfortunately some dog owners go to the veterinarians requesting the cutting of the vocal cords for dogs that according to them bark too much leaving their pets mute, unable to bark or with a deaf and hoarse barking. While in the case of cats , the amputation of the claws is a practice that goes beyond the trimming of nails, since the first phalanx of each finger where the nails grow is cut. These animals have their legs deformed due to this absurd procedure, not to mention the infections and trauma to which they are also exposed.

REMEMBER: before performing any such procedure, first put yourself in your pet’s shoes and analyze the many side effects of these unnecessary practices. If you really love your pet, don’t spend money and time torturing it.

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Sherry Fluharty, is an Activist, animal activist, community manager, and blogger at Tom Cat Wiki in order to make people aware of the responsible ownership of pets. And in charge of writing content and responsible for the project.