How to cut your dog’s nails correctly?

Nail trimming can be a bit traumatic for your pet so through this article we will guide you so that this practice is done in a relaxed way and without hurting your furry dog.

First you must relax, remember that they feel your emotions and if you are very stressed your pet will notice it and will not collaborate, you must also be patient since your furry will initially try to escape while it is in the middle of a cutting session. When you’re done, take him for a walk or reward him with a treat or games.
Teach your puppy from a young age to make nail trimming easier as an adult.
The materials you need are the following:
  • Scissors or special nail clippers for dogs which you can find in a pet store.
  • Gauze
  • Astringent or coagulation powder or, failing that, hydrogen peroxide.
It is very important to cut your pet’s nails even if they file them naturally since they can tear and cause discomfort to your dog , if the nails grow excessively it may be painful when walking. Remember that you should not cut in any way since they have blood vessels and nerves in their nails and if we cut badly we can cause a small hemorrhage. In the following figure you can see the correct and incorrect way to cut your furry’s nail. The red part shows the blood vessels.

Correct way to trim your dog’s nails

When the nail is black, you cannot see that red or pink part, but rather gray, so it can be a bit difficult but do not worry since you will have to cut from below little by little and when a gray oval appears, stop cutting The nail. Don’t cut her too close to the blood vessels and don’t use any type of nail clipper as her nails are curved.

Do not forget the nails that do not touch the ground, those that have on the first toe on the inside of the paw, since these grow too much and can end up burying in the paw resulting in a visit to the vet.  You can trim your dog’s nails once a month but it depends on the type of dog, breed, age, size, if he does a lot of exercise or not, etc.
In case you cut your dog’s nail too much, do not be scared , you can put some styptic powder to stop the bleeding which usually lasts about 5 minutes, if you do not have the coagulant product use a clean gauze soaked in a mixture of water normal and hydrogen peroxide drain it and press the nail for 5 minutes until the bleeding stops.

If it is the first time that you are cutting your dog’s nails, you should gradually accustom him to the nail clipper and you can do it initially by putting it near his food, so that he sees it every time you pet him and other types of activities that your pet likes. for a positive association to be made with this device.

When starting the cut, it is advisable to have treats on hand to reward your dog for having collaborated. Do not scold him if he does not cooperate as he can negatively associate this activity and when you want to do it again it will be even more difficult. You can start with a couple of nails the first day so that he gets used to it and every time you cut you give him the award, then you continue another day and do the same and so on until the time comes when you cut them all on the same day.

If the dog is very problematic on the verge of wanting to bite you, better leave the work to a trusted pet stylist or veterinarian who already have experience in these cases and charge little to do so, the important thing is the well-being of your furry.
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