Feline behavior


Cats enter this period of heat approximately between 6 and 9 months of age depending on the type of animal, the heat in cats is more complex than in bitches since the cat is a seasonal polyestric female which means that it presents several periods of heat in the reproduction stage, they can go into heat approximately every 3 weeks and last about 7 days, the factor that influences a lot is the luminosity in the environment where they live and secondly if they live with more cats that are not neutered .


Stages of heat in cats

The proestro

At the beginning of heat the cat begins to be more playful and will seek the caresses of its master with great insistence, this period can last 2 days, an increase in the vulva can be appreciated and unlike bitches, cats do not present bleeding , it will show more restless and will begin to woo the male but will not let himself be ridden.


It lasts approximately 6 days or it can be lengthened, there is an increase in appetite, the meows increase to call the males , possibly it begins to mark the corners of the house with urine, the cat accepts the male in this period and once the mating occurs the heat disappears suddenly within 24 hours.

The metaester

This period occurs if there is no mating and it is very short, its duration is one day, the cat begins to reject the males again.

The anestrus

This period corresponds to the time of sexual inactivity of the cat until the next heat, which can appear at 2 months in case of having mated but not being pregnant, in case the mating has not concluded, this period can be shortened .

The anaestrus corresponds to the period of sexual inactivity of the cat until the next heat

You can reassure the cat a little when she is in heat by playing a lot with her until she is exhausted so that she forgets a little that she is in this situation and does not want to leave the house. Do not forget to keep the house closed so that the cats do not smell that your cat is in heat and begin to suck your pet and leave urine marks.

Sterilize your pet

Remember that you should not be alarmed when your cat is in heat because it is her natural instinct and she will want to force herself out every time she sees the opportunity, so the best solution is sterilization  and with this you will prevent her from having unwanted pregnancies, possible puppies rejected by her or abandoned by the people to whom you gave them or adopted them, illnesses from being on the street, etc. Do not be afraid of spaying or neutering , the best specialists advise it since there are no adverse effects, go to your trusted veterinarian and he will clarify all your doubts regarding the subject.

Now that you know more about Zeal in Cats, be responsible and do not contribute to feline overpopulation , more and more animals are abandoned because their human family does not promise to be responsible with the care of their pets and prevent indiscriminate reproduction.

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